Acadia Nano by BiQuad Broadcast. Mini Encoder RDS/RBDS with small display.

The RDS/RBDS ACADIA NANO encoder is the economical version of the powerful and complete ACADIA encoder manufactured by Biquad Tecnologia.
The product has a simpler control and configuration HTML web page than its bigger brother and is built in a reduced cabinet in the standard of the Biquad modular line products and allows the sending of text messages through the FM channel.
It has a message scheduling section and can be configured to work on the American RBDS or European RDS standard.
It has a plug-in application called CONECTOR (provided free of charge) that makes it compatible with any automation software on the market and allows sending the name of songs and other information from the station’s automation player, in addition to predefined messages on the web page equipment configuration.
With its OLED display on the front panel, it is possible to visualize the information in real time that is being transmitted to listeners tuned in to the station.
It has all the functions of a complete equipment, such as the possibility of configuring alternative frequencies, type of station programming, among others.
It is an excellent solution for those looking for a product with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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Additional Information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 52 × 33 × 12 cm